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The barter system is alive and well here!!!

(Though I am not opposed to cash)


Braintanned Deerskins

Trying to figure out how much to charge for braintanned quotedeerskin is a little like water witching, not that I've water witched. There are any number of factors that go into what I think a nice skin is. There are other factors that other people look at when they buy skins. For instance, I look at a skin as something that will be made into clothes so I care deeply about holes in the middle of the skin, the thickness of the skin, and if it has many scars. Folks that use skins for beading tend not to care about holes or scars but want a skin that "sews like butter" in the words of master beader and my Salish friends and sisters Suzie Coughren and Joann Rautz. That being said, I tend to just judge the skin by it's overall quality which includes thickness, holes and where they are, scarring, and size.

Lot's of folks sell by the square foot. Some sell by weight. I basically meditate a bit on a hide and wait for a number that seems fair to the quality of skin I'm looking at. If that's too non-specific for you then I will back what I sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like the skin send it back and I'll either refund your money or send you out another skin at an equivalent price.

I also reduce prices for more than 2 skins at a time. When I sell "in bulk" the average of my skins is 250$ each.

When your ready to order you can just email me or call me and we can talk about what you want to do with your skin, how dark or light you want it smoked, which in itself is a very relative subject, and how many skins you want. That way I can pick out a skin that will meet your needs or if your going to make garments out of them, I can smoke several together making sure your getting matching skins.

I can also make any kind of clothing article you have in mind. Again, this is something we can talk about through email or on the phone. It's a good idea to get input and ideas from someone who has worn buckskin and knows the realities of wearing it 24/7. There is nothing in the world like buckskins made just for you. They will change the way you feel. Many folks use buckskin clothing for the traditional hunting experience. I can tell you first hand that there is something to wearing buckskin while hunting. It is perfectly silent, masks your scent, and the fringe helps break up your outline much like camo.

Below is my son Camas dressed Camas and me with skinsin his finery and myself with a couple of nice 16 or 18 square foot skins. You'll note Camas is wearing black walnut hull dyed skins, particularly nice for blending into the forest.

Perhaps the best compliment I receive for my skins is that they are almost sold exclusively to elder aboriginal American women.

Currently there is approximately a 1 month backorder


The DVD "Braintan Made Easy" isDVD New revised HDDVD is finally in print again! For 25$ plus 5$ shipping you can listen and watch as I take you through 3 hours of demonstration. I wish I had this when I started!

"The best hide tanning video I've ever seen, and I have them all."
Dave Bethke hide tanning instructor for Rabbit Stick, 18 years.

For hides or the DVD, send Check or M.O. with your name and address to:

Robert Retallick
701 13th Ave East
Polson, MT 59860

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