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I'm glad that you've taken the time to find me. On this site you will find the finest garment quality braintanned deerskins for sale at great prices, instructions to braintan a deerskin, links to other braintanning websites and primitive skills sites, as well as some other links I just want people to know about that have nothing whatsoever to do with buckskin.


I am a one man operation, using almost no electricity, Oscar Wildeworking from my home on the Flathead reservation in Western Montana, this is what I do.The only thing I don't do is kill every deer who's skin I use but short of that I am intimately involved with each and every skin. Every skin you receive from me will have been worked from start to finish by me with hand tools, year round, generally outside in, I've even gathered all the punky wood for smoking and make a real fire to smoke the skins. I do use nylon to sew holes but I will use sinew stripped and processed by myself if you want it.

My customers include many First Nations Peoples across the United States including whole individual Sovereign First Nations Tribes. My work is sought by those who don't want farmed out, factory processed or otherwise soulless work, but instead understand the value of buckskin and its important links with the past and the future.

Monster Muley hideCustomer uses for buckskin skins: Ceremonial Garments (Marriage, Burial, Births, Special Occasions), Pipe and Ceremonial Bags, Drum Heads for Native American Church Drums, Meditation Mats, Bead workers Delight!, Cradle Boards, Silent Hunting Clothing, Museum Pieces, and Re-Enactment Participants (Mountain Man).

If you don't care about what goes into the creation of the buckskin you plan to use then don't order from me. If you do care, I can't wait to talk to you.